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Designed By: Christina Lu

Designed By: Christina Lu


Episode 4:

On this episode I'll be talking about HBO's newest doc, The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley which follows Elizabeth Holmes' creepy blood company that was a scam (surprise surprise). Find out what was the deal with the scam, the blood, and also her strangely deep voice.

Episode 3: Leaving Neverland

On this episode I dive into the infamous HBO doc "Leaving Neverland," which tells the story of two men accusing Michael Jackson of childhood sexual abuse, and why it's so hard to judge documentaries when there's so much hype.

Warning: This episode discusses topics of sexual abuse.

Episode 2: Tickled

Welcome back to episode 2!!! In this one, Tia takes on the creepy, underground world of competitive endurance tickling, tickle fetishes, and mystery in one of the wildest docs she's ever seen. Seriously, it's wild. And yes, there's hella spoilers.

If you've seen Tickled, and you wanna see The Tickle King, here it is: youtu.be/K88xF9mOUjc

Episode 1: The Fyre Festival

In the FIRST EVER EPISODE, Tia answers the question on everyone’s minds right now: Which Fyre Festival doc is better? Also, who was the real MVP of Fyre Fest? Answer: It was Andy.

If you’re concerned about those affected by Billy’s SCAMMING nature, there’s been two (official) GoFundMe pages set up!!!

For Maryann: www.gofundme.com/exuma-point-fyre-fest-debt

For the locals in the Bahamas: www.gofundme.com/the-exuma-founda…of-fyre-festival

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