200 And Counting

Designed By: Christina Lu

Designed By: Christina Lu

About The Podcast

200 And Counting is a podcast all about documentaries. Each episode covers a different doc based on a list of over 200 documentaries Tia has seen. She shares her thoughts, critiques, and ratings, with topics ranging from dating apps to competitive tickling videos to cults, and it’s all wrapped up in less than 30 minutes every other Monday.

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About The List

You can find the complete List that inspired the podcast here, but before you scroll through, there’s a few guidelines on how docs make The List:

  1. If it’s a docuseries, it only counts as one if the entire season was watched (i.e. Making A Murderer Pt. 1 includes all 10 episodes)

  2. Feature films can only stand alone if they’re over 50 minutes long.

  3. The List starts with the most recently viewed/added documentary

  4. Most of the documentaries can be found on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Go, Sundance NOW, or with some really intense Google searches.